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Jung U 6 K it Submersible Pump Drainage JP09260

Jung U 6 KS Niro ES submersible drainage pump, 10 m cable, U6 K. Item number:JP09260 - the U 6 K Niro is ideal for stationary and the portable operation.It is a drainage pump for slightly soiled d

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Jung Pumps That Pump U 6 K Niro It EAN: 4037066002279, 1 pcs

Promotes the abrasive media by using the SIC-Gleitringdichtungen, power up possible Engine Cooling Coat, optimum protection through a ölkammer as protection and thermal protection of the engine, remo

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Jung Pumpen JP44685 Bodenablaufpumpe Plancofix

Jung floor drain pump Plancofix No.JP44685.Floor Drain Pump.Installation depth: 10.5 cm.For showers up to 20 L/min.Pressure line 1.Drain tileable or made from stainless steel

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Dirty Water Pump Is Immature U 3 KS Specialty JP09563

Sales Unit: 1 x ever In Basket=1 STK, Manufacturer: immature Pumps Packing Unit: 1 Description: the Pump Type designation: U 3 KS specialist manufacturer - Item number: JP09563 Formfactor: Submersible

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Jung Floor Drain Pump Plancofix Plus JP47014

'Jung pumps Plancofix the fully automatic floor drain pump thrown away a level Verfliesbare Shower and transfers the waste water to the next down pipe. The pump has a maintenance-free synchronous moto

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JUNG PUMP. Flutbox JP09479

Jung pumps Flood BoxAfter the Flood is in front of the Flood - The Flood level rise.First Aid Flood Box - Faster Than die FeuerwehrNow what it means: Save, which is to save lives. I

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Jung U3KS / U 3 KS 10 M Water Submersible Dirty Waterpump in Colour Box

Jung U 3 KS dirty water pump - Water Pump - Submersible PumpJung Item number: JP09808 cable length: 10 mThe U 3 K (S) is an exceptionally versatile waste water pump for stationary an

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