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The Flo-Force Elite Pump enables installation of shower rooms, bathrooms and utility rooms in areas of the home such as basement and loft conversions where the main plumbing system is not readily accessible. With this powerful pump, you can connect up to two of the following items; shower, basin, bath, washing machine, dishwasher or kitchen sink and the waste water will be pumped out and away, to the main plumbing system, with ease.

• This product doesn’t have a connection for use with a toilet
• No external pipes, joints, valves or clips
• Discharge pipe length to the first elbow MUST be a minimum of 0.5 metres

IP54 rated
This means that the macerator has been fully certified and conforms to all relevant EU directives when it comes to installing a product in a moisture rich environment.

40m Pumping distance
These Flo-force macerators will pump up to 40m horizontally and also 4m vertically making them ideal for domestic use.

High 75L flow rate
This Flo-Force macerator has plenty of power with it’s impressive 75L flow rate.

Noise level of 55dB
On average the noise of a toilet flushing is approximately 75dB so with a maximum noise level of 55dB you certainly won’t hear these macerators in operation, especially if they’re fitted within a unit or hidden out of sight.

2 Inlets
A 2 inlet macerator will connect either a shower on it’s own or a wash basin and a shower.

Fully Accredited
We want your bathroom to be as safe as possible so we can confirm that our Flo-Force macerators conform to ROHS, Low Voltage and Electro Magnetic Compatibility directives.

• 250w
• Automatic activation
• Motor runs for 5-10 seconds
• Outlet size 32mm or 22mm
• Inlet size 40mm diameter
• Domestic use only
• Max water temp 40°C
• CE Approved and a 2 Year Guarantee

  • No need for expensive plumbing and masonry work
  • No external pipes, joints, valves or clips
  • Pumps up to 40m horizontally and 4m vertically
  • Flow rate of 75 litres per minute
  • 12 months manufacturer guarantee