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Jung pumps Flood Box
After the Flood is in front of the Flood – The Flood level rise.
First Aid Flood Box – Faster Than die Feuerwehr
Now what it means: Save, which is to save lives. It’s a good idea now with placed on top of the, young, stress-free basement drainage ’embroidered with the first aid Flood Box.
Heavy duty, durable and Lösungsorientiert – with the flood box in the cellar they share the level stand with a pair of hand grips under control. The pump comes with thanks to the fixation into the basket a secure footing. Characterised by a C Connection quickly and safely fixed fire hose efficiently channels – even large volumes of water.
Can also be used without a flood of the pump is quickly removed from the basket and is waiting for your completely flexible use in the home and garden, for example when emptying of a swimming pools.
The components:
Service for use in the Aufgetauchtenzustand
… through motor jacket cooling protection against moisture
… through Längswasserdicht moulded cable entry Thermal motor protection
… through Wicklun Gsthermos, long service life
… thanks to high-quality materials and a perfect protected motor protection against dry running
… through encapsulated Ölkammerzuverlässige promote
… using a variable free passage (10/20 mm) and GID technology defined switching points
… through guided float switch Leistungss strong motor
… Hmax: 8 m Qmax: 11 M3/Hlga construction tested fire hose: faster, easier, Connection Thanks To The C Kupplungstr durable,, durable material – saves space when stored in rolled up Zustandverlänger can be used with
Standard C kupplung12,5 M Hose Length
Carry Cot:
Integrated pump attachment (For
Safe Pump Stand) protect the pump against different Chlam Mung Wall Bracket for storage
The Flood Box

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