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Promotes the abrasive media by using the SIC-Gleitringdichtungen, power up possible Engine Cooling Coat, optimum protection through a ölkammer as protection and thermal protection of the engine, removal of the Flachabsaugung Siebkorbes: remaining water to approximately 5 mm, variable can be used without or with automatic transmission, 3 M line EAN: 4037066002279. form factor submersible pump. Operating voltage 230 V. material of housing is stainless steel. With automatic transmission is Yes. Max. speed 2600 rpm. Max. pump is the M. 9.5 Max. 16 is the funding mâ³ / h. Max. engine power 0.75 Width 290 mm. Height 310 mm.. kW. young pumps that pump U 6 K Niro ESJung pumps that pump U 6 K Niro it

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