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Jung U 6 KS Niro ES submersible drainage pump, 10 m cable, U6 K. Item number:JP09260 – the U 6 K Niro is ideal for stationary and the portable operation.It is a drainage pump for slightly soiled dirt and ground water, in shafts with rain, drainage and seepage water, silage juice; it can also be used for liquid fertiliser.The high-quality mechanical seal means the pump is also suitable for abrasive pumping media.In stationary mode the U 6 K Niro ES can pump waste our of household machines such as dishwashers and washing machines (cooking process).Not suitable for urinal and toilet waste.The GR 32 sliding tube system gives you all the benefits of a quick and easy maintenance.With the collection containers offered by Jung, there is a wide range of installation and usage possibilities.Solids up to 10 mm in size can be pumped.To pump heavily soiled waste or mixes, we recommend the US series waste water pumps.Specially designed for portable use: on construction sites, for example, UB building pumps should be used.If submersible motor pumps need to be used outside, in accordance with VDE regulation 0100, only a pump with 10 metres of cable can be used without a junction.Pressure ports:250-mm free passage.Connection:230 V pressure ports:250 mm max.Pump head:9 m max.Flow rate:15.5 cm³ / hr. Power consumption: 750 W.

  • Waste water pump.
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  • Drainage pump with 10 m of U6 K cable.