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Jung U 3 KS dirty water pump – Water Pump – Submersible Pump
Jung Item number: JP09808 cable length: 10 m
The U 3 K (S) is an exceptionally versatile waste water pump for stationary and portable use. Gid technology for more operational safety, built-in Spülei NRIC coating to reduce deposits in the dirty water pump, as well as the built-in flat extraction as a auger for removing flooding, and dirty water are just some of the innovative benefits of this dirty water pump.
The Dirty Water Pump stimulates rain water and dirty water, easy to dirty water and häusliches dirty water as it shoots out of household dishwashers and – Machine washable (cooking process) can be waste water with the dirty water pump suction, but no Urinal and thus Toilet sewage and Verunreinigtes dirty water.
In Stationary mode promotes your child’s dirty water pump with angebauter Auto Trigger function The Dirty Water from draining slots in cellars, washing cellars or basement storage units and is designed to serve as the backwater protection waste water. The sliding system g 32 offers the benefits of a quick and easy maintenance. The Dirty Water Pump, combined with our Einbaufertigen collection containers, result in more uses for dirty water.
Place the tray be vented or the container intermittently Trockenfallen, the submersible pump with a mounting hole on the spiral can case. For light aggressive media such as brackish water, condensation Made of special Gasbrennwertkesseln, liquid fertiliser etc The Waste Water Pump U 3 K (S) are suitable. For stronger dirty dirty water, we recommend the dirty water pumps in the style of the US.
The Dirty Water Submersible Pump outdoors, can be in accordance with VDE regulation Black only used a submersible pump with 10 m cable WITHOUT A connection. For dirty water pump on construction sites and as a home or garden pump must be H07 a wire to the type used.
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