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Wasteflo BC 3 Model 46663Stuart Turner Wasteflo BC 3The Stuart Turner Wasteflo BC3 is designed to quietly and efficiently remove acidic residue water from a condensing boiler where access to an external vent pipe is probably not possible.  In addition, the compact Wasteflo Boiler Condensate Pump is supplied with a high capacity 2 litre tank, hence is suitable for use with any boiler system.
Highly efficient, the Wasteflo Boiler Condensate Pump will move up to 288 litres per hour and up to 5 m head. Due to the pump offering three 27 mm inlets and one (6 or 10 mm) outlet, consequently it is the ideal solution for many domestic and commercial applications.
•Wasteflo BC 3 fitting instructions
•Stuart Turner wasteflo BC3 fitting instructions
•New easy access to the tank for servicing and maintenance.
•IPX4 Rated
•Pumps up to 5m vertically and 52m horizontally
•Discharges through 22/28/32mm pipework
•Improved design of casing
•For WC and 3 inlets installation
•Quiet motor only 50 dB
•Width 529mm
•Height 318mm
•Depth 146mm
•2 year warranty
What you get in the box:•1 x Wasteflo WC4C Macerator
The Boiler Condensate Pump provides the solution to remove waste water and eliminates the problem of freezing external pipework.
They are extremely quick and simple to install. Suitable for larger domestic and commercial gas and oil fired condensing boilers. Up to 200 kW / 0.68 m Btu/h with condensate PH value >2.7