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The Macerator service kit 3 includes: 1x black rubber OVAL diaphragm 1x white 2 part holding clip 1x macerator micro switch 1x tub Unicleanse crystals, to descale and clean. This macerator diaphragm kit is suitable for use with Uniflo/4,Uniflo mini,Uniflo hideaway and the new Uniflo Universal. Saniplus,SanifoX2,Sanispeed,Sanishower and the old Sanipro range and many more.

  • Does your Macerator run continuesly and have a bad odour?Then this service kit is the answer.
  • Kit includes Diaphragm Membrane,Micro Switch,Clip and 1 Tub Uniflo Unicleanse Crystals Descaler.
  • Suitable for Sanitop,Saniplus,SanifoX2,Sanispeed,Sanishower and many more.
  • Uniflo Products are UK Macerator Specialists if any advice or help required phone 01924 200915.